Find Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing

Have you found the last few years a struggle? A pandemic, ecological crisis, and now we see war in Europe. Are you wondering if this is the time to look again at your life and make some changes?

We believe many of us do not live a life full of hope. Failure, disappointment, rejection and loss all take their toll. Do you find yourself getting cynical, feeling frustrated and let down by life? If so, why not explore how faith can help you make a new start?  Did you know that faith is not just a Sunday ritual, remote and not related to everyday life? Our experience is that faith makes a difference all the time, bringing hope, even in times of great loss and heartbreak. Why not explore this website and our Facebook and Youtube channel and find tips and advice to help you on your spiritual journey?

You will find a lot of helpful tips on our Facebook page One of our videos is posted at the bottom of this page, and for a full list of wellbeing videos with advice a tips on emotional and spiritual wellbeing see: Youtube playlist click here.

Have you found making progress on your issues really hard? Finding a friendly and supportive group of people can make all the difference. We run groups that may help you? The Wellbeing Journey group has been a great success. We watch a professionally made video each time we meet on a topic related to wellbeing: physical health, finance, work, emotions, relationships, spiritual. A great way to explore areas of your life need developing and changing. Contact us to get more information on the Wellbeing Journey. We are also planning to run a bereavement course. If you would like to find out more please email

Colin and Rachel are the main contributors. They are both trained and registered Christian counsellors. Colin workes as a neighbourhood chaplain at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church and Rachel does a lot of community work with Houghton Regis Community Church