Hello, my name is Colin and I am a chaplain working with Hockliffe Street Baptist Church, Leighton Buzzard and Langdale Church, Dunstable, Beds.

Hope on the Street was the name for a market stall outreach I used to run at Leighton Buzzard some years ago. These days I connect with people through community visiting and by phone. Since the lockdown started I have been doing Facebook Live and Youtube videos, offering prayer and reflections to encourage us during these difficult times.

If you would like to explore spiritual things, have a chat or just ask a question please get in touch. We have a team of befriending volunteers called Leighton Buzzard Neighbourhood Chaplains and also a counselling service. Please use the contact us page for more information.

How can God help us through difficult times, such as those we’re going through? Click here for a short video

Do you think like a human doing or a human being?

How are we responding to the Coronavirus crisis?

  • supporting Leighton Listeners
  • offering confidential prayer – leave a message or text the Neighbourhood Chaplains Prayerline 07731 794635
  • being an online presence – Prayers@One is on Facebook Live at 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please join me for some short prayers and reflections to encourage us in these difficult times.
  • befriender phone calls

If you could ask God one question what would it be?

What difference would it make if God made you, knows everything about you and has a plan for your life?

Could it be true that we can find acceptance and freedom (from guilt, selfish thing we’ve done to others etc) in Christ?

Christianity addresses these and the many other basic questions that human beings have asked since the dawn of time. Check out information on this website on exploring Christianity and also the true life stories of some local people.