Colin leads a team of neighbourhood chaplains and is on the staff at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church, Leighton Buzzard. Our team of chaplains aim to bring hope to our streets and encouragement to our local community.

We would like to offer encouragement and support especially in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. Are you feeling isolated and long to have a coffee and get together with others? Please see our wellbeing advice and tips page and get in touch if you are interested in arranging a friendly call, visit or joining an online group. These can be lonely times and it can be difficult to be positive. We are here to help, online and by phone. We are good listeners and run some online friendship support groups. Why not get in touch via our Contact Us page or email colin@chaplains.org.uk

If you are seeking to understand who God is and how you can get a new perspective on what life is all about please take a look around this web site to see videos and articles about who is Jesus, and how can I have faith. You will find many of our short videos on the Leighton Buzzard Neighbourhood Chaplains page and Youtube station.

You may be wondering what the meaning of life is all about and may be interested in exploring spiritual things, please ask about our online Alpha courses.

What do we do?

  • offer befriending support by phone and visit people in the community
  • offering confidential prayer – leave a message or text the Neighbourhood Chaplains Prayerline 07731 794635
  • being an online presence – with regular videos and online groups
  • See our Youtube channel for short videos and cartoons about emotional well-being and faith
  • Alpha online. This is an exciting series of videos exploring the big questions of life. Everyday we ask so many questions but we rarely get the chance to look at life’s big questions. This is a great place to look at why am I here? What is the meaning of life? etc . Click here to play the short intro video for Alpha here

The following are a small selection of the many videos that we’ve made to give help and advice on some of the different life issues many of us struggle with. These videos were produced during the pandemic period and we hope you find them interesting and useful.