My first grandchild has just been born, what a joyful experience!

One of the things my grandmother used to say whenever there was a new birth in the family was that “new babies bring their love with them”. It was only years later when my own children were born, and now my granddaughter, that I can fully understand what she meant. Her life was not an easy one and I can see how she found joyful news such as this an antidote to sadness and sorrow.

I know some people who no longer read the national papers or follow news on the web. They say it’s because there’s never good news reported. It’s easy with bad news and the worries and concerns of everyday life to become distracted from what matters most in life. A new baby helps restore a good perspective on what’s important in life.

My daughter tells me that the past nine months of worries, pain and struggle to bring this baby into the world are forgotten. What a great thing to be able to reset, restart over because of this bundle of joy that has just entered the world.

Have you ever thought God is to be enjoyed like the joy above? The Bible records ancient songs (Psalms), and one says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good”. It’s easy to miss that God wants us to ‘taste’ and enjoy him. Perhaps you’re someone who wants proof of God’s existence, what is true or false, fact or fiction and struggle with the idea of a relationship with him. Getting to know who Jesus is and what he is like is what true Christianity is all about. Imagine only thinking about a newborn baby in terms of weight, dimensions and mere facts. How unfeeling! When my grandchild was born this past week everyone wanted to know the weight of the baby of course, but for those of us close to her we needed more, to hold her, be with her, to get to know her.

Maybe you are someone who has never thought you could feel joy about God in this way or perhaps you once did but life and problems have got in the way. May I encourage you to come to Jesus afresh, find out about him, the amazing things he said, how he lived and treated everyone? Meeting him changed lives, gave new hope and joy like that above.

I’m reminded that I can see the world with different eyes, a new perspective, if I surrender my burdens and troubles and look to God. Finding new hope, like the wonderful joy of a new arrival is good news; don’t miss it!