Imagine you’re in a hurry, rushing down a street. Suddenly and without warning, there’s someone behind you. You feel a hard thump and the next thing you know you are on the ground. You’re in pain, your head is ringing from the impact and you’re confused. Then you remember what happened and think how dare he hit me that’s annoying how careless! I could have been hurt badly and now I’m late for my meeting.

Getting to your feet you look for someone to give a piece of your mind. But you notice tyre tracks on the pavement where a vehicle has driven over where you were walking.

Your sense of outrage evaporates as you realise the situation is the complete opposite of what you assumed. The thump in the back wasn’t careless or malicious. You’ve been saved from a terrible accident.

We don’t always see the whole picture, nor do we always know what’s good for us. In life there is generally a bigger picture.

For example, I’ve often noticed that when relationships breakdown we blame one another, convinced it’s not our fault. It’s the partner that needs to change, not us!

Or the man I met who argued strongly against any belief in God but wanted prayer for cancer when it was offered?

When out visiting in the community I meet people who say they’re too busy for anything spiritual. One lady said, “I am in my own little bubble”. Her name was Ann and we’d just met. She continued, “Some people have a need for religion and that’s ok with me. I’m fed up with meeting religious types and don’t want to think about it”. I could see that she wanted to avoid thinking about the big questions of life that religion aims to answer.

We can convince ourselves that we don’t need to listen to Jesus but how do we know?

God wouldn’t want us to be blind and miss the most important things in life; our relationship with him. What if he sent someone to challenge how we see the world?

The first will be last and the last first”, “It is better to give than to receive”, “Whoever loses his life … shall save it, whoever wishes to become great … shall be your servant, “no one comes to the Father except through me”.

Jesus is asking us to think about our purpose of life and his words point out that rushing through life may be leading us into danger.

As I was about to go Ann said, I’m fed up with religious people calling, but I’d like you to come again”. Maybe, just maybe, her bubble is starting to burst. How about you?