Do you feel forgotten? Do you feel left out in this massive out of control world we live in? Does all that’s happening make you feel small and insignificant? It is easy to think of yourself a detail that’s overlooked in life. But there is hope because God has an eye for details! I hope this short article will encourage you.

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday and I thought I would get one of those cards from the internet that you can personalise, and add your own photos. I completed all the information requested on the website, uploaded the photos and paid at the check-out. I felt good that it was all done but I was curious and went back to check the card and to admire my work. All was well until I scrolled down to the bottom of the card and read “Happy Anniversary, love Anthony”. No! Who was Anthony? I had forgotten to add my name and left on the name that came as standard. I contacted the company and they set up a credit so I could create another card. Unfortunately, both of the cards were posted by the company. On our anniversary my wife and I had a good laugh when she opened both cards and I said: “spot the difference!” My wife knows I am not one with an eye for detail, but thankfully God is….

I came across a quote from the famous German church leader from 1500s, Martin Luther: “The power of God is present at all places, even in the tiniest tree leaf. Do you think God is sleeping on a pillow in heaven? . . . God is wholly present in all creation, in every corner, behind you and before you”.

Did you know that God is into the detail, knows everything about us?

I often hear the phrase, “the devil is in the details,” and it’s usually used in a negative way to mean the idea or solution put forward breaks down when you examine it closely enough. In contrast I never hear the quote: “God is in the details,” the meaning behind this is that opportunities for discovery and creativity come from digging into the details. Both are true, but the latter is more positive and encourages a solution resolution. One is destructive and upsets the other is uplifting and builds up.

We can be like that!

Have you noticed how some people want to tear down rather than build up? They pick on the details, something others have done, pick apart and find ways to ruin what others are trying to put together. The media is often accused of negative and destructive reporting but isn’t it true any of us can be guilty of this? Rather than doing what the Bible encourages us to do and build each other up, we can fall into negative criticism and finding fault. Have you ever thought that when we do this we are doing the devils work? But when we build others up we are doing the work of God.

How about you? Can you see yourself as encouraging others or are you a discourager?

On the other hand perhaps you are someone who is a victim to a discourager. Are there people in your life undermining you and causing you to feel bad? If that’s you then know that God is on your side. God is aware of what’s happening and has not forgotten you. He pays careful attention to the tiniest things. He is creative and loves to see us be creative, and flourish, to bring things and people together to make a beautiful whole.

There is a great theological sense to what we are talking about, namely, that our Creator reigns fully over every detail. He is sovereign over all.

Not only can others make us feel small but the world can too.  It is easy to feel insignificant in a world of billions of people, and with the current pandemic that seems to attack indiscriminately. What is my life against the cosmos or the ecosystems or rainforests or the refugee crisis or the masses who’ve never heard the name of Jesus? Mentally, I know that God cares for me and for the small details of my life and that mean the world to me, but I often don’t feel like it or act like it.

If you are not sure that God is into detail then consider this. Our world is so amazingly created- it is just the right distance away from the sun, has just the right level of gravity, a satellite called the moon that influences the oceans. Out planet is in a perfect zone some call the ‘goldilocks zone’ : an area of space that’s not too hot, not too cold. All of this speaks of a specific design and of God, the great designer. Stephen hawking, considered the best-known scientist since Albert Einstein, said: “the universe and the laws of nature seems specifically designed for us”. What detail, what care for us!

Are you still not convinced God is into the details? Why not look in the Bible, and specifically the book of Exodus? If you don’t think God is into detail read God’s instructions for building of the tabernacle!  God wrote down so many details in Exodus that it’s hard to stay awake reading it. Of all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge which God could have recorded in His Word, He chose to give us many pages outlining the uses of things like blue, purple, and scarlet threads and of finely spun linen. God pays attention to the details.

Some people have an amazing eye for detail but nothing compared to God. When the world makes us feel insignificant and aren’t treated well by others, it’s good to know how much God cares about every minute detail of what happens to us and the world. He is not a remote and distant God who we have to go out of our way to find.

I care deeply about my life, and so does God. The things I care about, God also cares about; He notices what weighs heavily on my heart, and yours. May we all get a greater sense of God being in the detail and his involvement in our world and our lives today. May we have a sense of his control over everything that happens to us. Not in an oppressive sense but a sense of wonder and thankfulness that he cares so much he is alongside us whatever we go through.

A short prayer:

Dear heavenly Father, you know us inside out, even the hairs on our head are numbered by you and the Bible says your thoughts for us outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore. We thank you for that amazing love, especially shown through the sacrifice of your son, Jesus. Thank you that we can find forgiveness through of Jesus for the times when we are not building up others as we should, when we pick at other’s faults. As Jesus said we can look at the speck in our brother or sister’s eye and forget about the plank in our own. We pray for those who feel insignificant and uncared – for those are suffering under the criticism of others, those who are being bullied; often in the place that should be the safest- their own homes. Dear Father, be with all who suffer- comfort and strengthen them. May we know wonder as we consider your love for us and remind us each day that we can find you, God in the details, in everything around us and in all that happens to us.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Please see the video that goes with this article:  Join me in a few thoughts on this and in prayer today.