About Us

Colin Johnson is a neighbourhood chaplain visiting in the local community. He works with Hockliffe Street Baptist Church, Leighton Buzzard and Langdale Church, Dunstable. Colin heads up a team of volunteer neighbourhood chaplains and our aim is to connect the church with our local community in new ways. We help tackle loneliness through befriending, and can offer practical help towards meeting our neighbours’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs. All our team are DBS checked. We are part of the national network of Neighbourhood Chaplains schemes (see www.neighbourhoodchaplains.co.uk).

We are happy to call on you or anyone who would like someone to talk to. It is so easy in our modern society to become isolated and lonely. Sitting on your own day after day is not good for anyone’s mental and even physical health! We are a group of people who like to listen and we don’t judge.

Motivated by Jesus words to ’love your neighbour’, we want to reach out beyond the church to help build up our communities. We are here for everyone, regardless of background, religious or non-religious, old or young.



Working with Hockliffe Street Baptist Church in Leighton Buzzard and Langdale Church in Dunstable.