Courses and information on exploring the meaning of life

For more information on the big questions about life and what being a Christian is really all about. You may be surprised to hear that its not just about what you believe and being a good person but about knowing Jesus Christ- how he lived, why he died and how he is alive and real today and we can have a relationship with him. For more information see What is a Christian.

We also run a very interesting course called Christianity Explored which many people have found very helpful in deciding what to believe about God, our purpose in this life and what love is all about. For more information see Christianity Explored.

Other religions and philosophies attempt to find the solution to happiness, each in their own way but Christianity is unique in that everything is not about what we do, think or feel but about what Jesus Christ has done for us. It’s about getting to know Christ and through him the God who made us is really like. There are many distorted versions of God on display in the world today and the God Jesus reveals is very different. Find the purpose in life you were made for,be  valued and accepted- if you find God through Christ it’s like coming home to a safe place!


Some promises made to those who follow Christ

  • We are none of us perfect and God sees us for what we are. He promises forgiveness and a new start.
  • God will never leave you our forsake you.
  • God has plans for you, for you to be prosperous and successful.
  • You will become part of a worldwide family of believers that will support and encourage you.