Free Literature & Information

We offer a free monthly newspaper called Good News. This is full of uplifting stories about how faith has given hope and strength to people from all sorts of backgrounds during times of crisis as well as in better times.

We also have some free Bibles to give away. These Bibles are in modern easy to read language. The Bible is a fascinating book with many surprises and through this book we can find out about Jesus and God’s plan for each of us. The Bible is in fact a collection of different types of literature, including poetry and history. It can be read as a meditation to be inspired , an instruction manual for living well, or to learn from the mistakes of people make when they try and live their lives their own way and not God’s way. But when starting out or if you’ve not been reading it regularly it can be difficult to know where to start. If that’s you then please get in touch as we would be happy to give you ideas and help in getting you started on the fabulous journey of reading the Bible to build a relationship with Jesus and through him to know who God is really like.

Other free books are available or at special offer price.